Jamoige 2012

Jamoige 2012  – a weekend of fun & weather!

As the coach left Frankfield Church on a bright Friday Morning, the Macaoimh were in great spirits – singing and laughing our way for a well earned stopover for lunch before arriving in Balbriggan at 3pm and starting the 2012 Gulliver’s Travels Jamoige experience. In the heart of the Lambay subcamp the Macaoimh settled into their tents and began the start of two full days of activity and fun. After a few ground rules for safety, the Macaoimh gained their bearings and spread themselves across the camp site, exploring the sub camp and meeting other cubs from across the country. 

In the evening the Lambay sub camp marched to the opening ceremony with the 74th in loud singing voice ensuring all other groups knew that we had arrived and were here to enjoy ourselves; the Oggi – oggi - oggi’s were followed by the yogi - yogi yogi’s to the final Tony - Tony - Tony’s ensuring that the county commissioner knew we were there too! A field of nearly 4000 cubs opened the weekend with promise of activity, scouting experience and fun; the 74th dancing to the music and watching a distant fireworks display. With enthusiasm the Macaoimh returned to the campsite and settled (eventually!) to sleep in anticipation of the days ahead.

Saturday started in the heat of a fine June day and the first bases in the land of Lilliput. The Macaoimh split into their sixes and worked hard on making tea for Gulliver out of tin foil, a candle and a plastic cup; followed by the making of a cake; a small sailing boat and a miniature bow and arrow! The 74th cubs had to think and work through the problems of which they did admirably and proved that the land of Lilliput was conquered as they headed back to camp for lunch........7 loafs of bread, 1 huge bowl of fruit later the Macaoimh were ready to conquer the next land of activities......Blefuscu!

This land was based on physical activity with a game to knock over the opponents castles; followed by the building of a bamboo bridge; a game to score points by throwing a rope and ball across a frame! And finally to some traditional pioneering and the building of a chariot which the Macaoimh had to race. The skills and enthusiasm the Macaoimh showed in the final task was brilliant with both chariots racing the length of the road prior to being dismantled again for the next day. A well earned hour in the massive playground saw the Macaoimh return to the campsite tired and hungry and ready for the trade fair and entertainment for the evening........and then it began to rain! A sing song in the Marquee with solo performances from Abbie, Clodagh, Cathal and Kevin maintained everyone’s spirits.

The rain started gently and rapidly became heavy.....but this did not deter the camp as the entertainment was put off for the night being too unsafe to continue...the Trade Fair was changed from the main stage area to the campsite. The Macaoimh set up their trade stand and attracted a large crowd of cubs from other sites to win lollies by spending their Lillipunts! The Trade Fair saw cakes, woggles, wrist bands, pancakes and many other things being traded from one site to the other. As 11pm finally came the Macaoimh returned for hot chocolate and biscuits soaked to the skin but having enjoyed the freedom of the site and the freedom to bargain with other troops. A very tired campsite settled around midnight in the pouring rain in their dry Icelandic tents.........................and then the rain got worse and the wind began......

The nights weather rapidly turned and as the subcamp tried to sleep, the sound of wind and rain was soon replaced by cars and other activities as it became apparent that some troops began leaving the site as their tents and equipment became damaged or dislodged. A restless night ensued of which our Macaoimh were oblivious to as they slept through the night........however, having lost the cooking tent to the wind and the Marquee now housing all equipment, the morning could not have been more welcome. As the Macaoimh slept on the Sub-Camp Chief advised that the outdoor programme was now suspended and a limited indoor programme would run.......

The Macaoimh awoke to a howling wind and heavy rain and it soon became apparent that we could not continue in the same vein as the previous day; with most equipment now stored in the Marquee which was being battered by the wind......and a limited ability to provide a cooked meal.......and with little or no dry clothes.............. with reluctance we, along with almost 3600 other cubs, made the decision to return home in the interests of safety for the Macaoimh.

The adventure of a hasty return home provided a different adventure for the Macaoimh who spent the morning in their tents having fun and then supporting the striking of the campsite and waiting in the staff canteen for the coach to arrive.........this became a new challenge and although the weather began to clear a bitterly cold wind remained. The fun of the early return home helped lift their spirits and dampened the disappointment of missing a day of activity and the opportunity to wear their fancy dress outfits............(however, the next group meeting will be on a Gullivers Theme and these will be worn then).

A stop off in Supermacs prior to a late evening return to Frankfield Church saw the end of a fantastic weekend of sun, rain, wind and adventure........but most of all of FUN and through the disappointment of the early return the weekend was filled with laughter, activity and enjoyment which ended safely back where it started............

Roll on 2015....

Finally, we would like to thank the Scouts, Ventures, and Leaders for their help - before and during the event.  To Noel O’Riordan and all at Super Valu Grange for their help and their very generous contribution towards the shopping.  A mention also to our sponsors, Douglas Credit Union and Musgraves for their invaluable assistance.

Special word of thanks to Hugh Seary and also Kiely’s Coaches for making themselves available at such short notice on Sunday to facilitate an early but safe departure from the site. 

© 74th Cork 2014