Adventure Skills Competition 2013

74th Frankfield Adventure Skills Competition 2013

In addition to the normal evaluation of adventure skills we are going to have a competition in May to test the adventure skills of the beavers.

To ensure fairness we will use a handicap system to even things out between year 1, 2 and 3 beavers.

Over the next few months we will be teaching and reminding beavers about the following ten adventure skills around which we will organise the completion.

Pioneering: Make a knot board

Pioneering: Make a bamboo gadget

Camping: How to pack a rucksack for camp

Backwoods: Clothes to wear outdoors

Backwoods: Build a shelter

Backwoods: Help light a fire

Hillwalking: Map reading

Hillwalking: Using a compass

Emergencies: Treat minor cuts and abrasions

Emergencies: An emergency bandage

We will be posting material on these adventure skills as we cover them on each Friday night

If you have any questions please contact any one of the leaders on the Beaver phone

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