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Based in the Frankfield-Grange area, in the southwestern suburbs of Cork, we were established in the eighties and have continued to grow  with ever increasing numbers of young people drawn from the immediate area and beyond. 

Currently, we have almost 110 youth members, boys and girls, in our Beaver, Macaoimh, Scout and Venture sections.

  • BEAVERS – 6 to 8yrs
  • MACAOIMH – 9 to 11yrs
  • SCOUTS – 12 to 15yrs
  • VENTURES – 15 to 17yrs


Our meetings are held in the Frankfield-Grange Community Centre on the Grange Road on Friday nights, commencing with Beavers at 6.00 pm and Macaoimh at 7.00 pm. Scouts meet on Thursday at 7.00 pm and Ventures at 8.30 pm.

Each section has both male and female adult leaders and provides a broad range of indoor and outdoor scouting activities.  

Our programme encourages young people, to know their own abilities, the importance of keeping fit, and to find out about the world in which they live. Scouting helps them develop their creative talents, show initiative, demonstrate resourcefulness and ultimately to show respect for each other. All of the activities have a strong team building emphasis, based on cooperation and having fun.  

Browse through the site to see photos of our activities and see how much fun we have !!! 

Scouting   ………   making memories for kids of all ages 


Important Update

In line with National Child Protection Guidelines 2011 and established Scouting Ireland policies, any scouting activity (meetings, events, hikes, camps , etc) has the enjoyment and protection of our young people as our main focus. As well as the  prescribed ratios of adults to children, it is also now a requirement that any adult in contact with any child during any activity must be Garda vetted. This is necessary to ensure the safety of  everyone in our Scout Group.


The enthusiasm and dedication of our adult leaders through the years has sustained our group and helped it to flourish. We have also relied upon the goodwill of a very limited number of parents to help our Leaders, at hall meetings and events. This is necessary in order to provide assistance with our programme of activities as well as adequate supervision. As previously stated it is  now a requirement  that any adult assisting in any way with a Scout Group must  be Garda vetted prior to participating and also agree to undertake a Child Protection Course (half day duration) run by Scouting Ireland.


In order to ensure the viability of our Scout Group and the safety of its members, both youth members and adult Leaders alike, it is vital that support from Parents continues to supplement the commitment of our existing adult leaders. It is now critical that Parents sign up to help at meetings and activities. This will require Garda vetting and CP Course as outlined above.


If any parent feels they have any time to offer please contact any of the leaders. We are very mindful of the demands on your time already as parents of young families, so please be assured that any time you can spare would be helpful. The more parents who sign up - the larger the pool of adults available for a rota, thereby lessening the amount of times any individual will be asked to help – resulting in a safe environment for your child to enjoy their scouting experience.

In the absence of an adequate response to the foregoing within the next 4 weeks, the future of our Beaver, Macaoimh, Scout  and Venture sections will be seriously compromised.

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