County Macaoimh Outdoor Hike

On Sunday 28h April, we will be participating in the County Macaoimh Outdoor Hike in Kilcully Scout Centre. We will meet at  Kilcully at 10.30am where each Macaoimh Section will set up site and participate in various events, competitions and bases for the day. All activities ( such as fire-lighting, backwoods cooking,  shelter building,  and a range of outdoor games ) will be team-based with emphasis on teamwork, participation and effort.


We hope as many as possible of our Macaoimh will come and join in the fun.

The following is required by each Macaoimh :


Wear old warm clothes  and 74th neckerchief ( no woggle – just tied).

Bring -  raingear, a healthy packed lunch, plastic plate and warm drink, all packed in a rucsack.

There will also be Water Pistol Challenge, so, bring a towel and a change of clothes.


Macaoimh can be collected at 3.45 pm approx. at Kilcully.

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