Upcoming events

·         This Fri, 19th April, we are getting a visit from Garda Paul O’Riordan  for a chat about Bike Safety. We hope to go on a Bike Hike in a few weeks, so it’s important that everyone knows how to stay safe on their bike.  So, bring up your bike AND helmet this Friday.


·         As part of the Macaoimh Competition, a uniform inspection will be held on Fri 26th.  That evening, all Macaoimh must wear full, correct uniform – neckerchief, correct woggle, top, scout pants, dark socks, black or navy shoes. Provincial, county and 74th badges must also be worn on sleeve. Sixers / Seconders ( formerly Ri / Aires) should also were their badges. These badges are available from Outdoor Adventure Store ( upstairs) on the corner of Paul St. and Cornmarket St., while the 74th badge can be obtained from ourselves. We appreciate if everyone made an effort to wear the full correct uniform on that night so that no one looks out of place.

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