Fota Scout Centre Week-End

With all our preparations made; equipment sorted, tents packed, food bought, trailer loaded and spirits high, over 31 members of our Macaoimh section took the train for FOTA recently. The site was in pristine condition when we arrived with the water glistening in the evening sunshine. Tents were soon pitched using  all of the knowledge learned over the past year and our programme of activities commenced for the weekend.

We weren’t short of things to do, which included night-hikes in the woods, campfires and sing-a-long, and the BEST hot chocolate ever before we turned in every night. It’s amazing how the noisy little monkeys can wake you up at 4.30am every morning …… and that’s not only the furry ones screeching in the trees in nearby Fota Wildlife Park  !!

Of course, an early morning start means  a full day of activities – exploring the woods, pioneering, shelter-building, looking for crabs on the foreshore ,flint & steel, scavenger hunt, etc. The highlight was the obstacle course we built through the woods which included tyres, ladders, ropes ,and nets. Just completing the course was an achievement in itself and when you are running against the clock the pressure is really on. There was also plenty of free-time to hang about, play ball, throw a frisbee and just have fun with your friends. The weather was brilliant for the weekend and the great location, good food and our Macaoimh spirit meant that the memories will endure. Many thanks to our wonderful young Macaoimh who behaved impeccably over the weekend and to all our Scouts, Ventures and Leaders who continue to give their time.  

© 74th Cork 2014