Special Interest Badge for Beavers 2013

74th Frankfield Special Interest Badge for Beavers 2013

In recognition of 2013 being the year of “The Gathering”   we are going to get each beaver to do a special interest project themed around the Gathering.

Each Beaver Scout will make contact with relatives who do not live in Cork, the further away the better!

When they make contact each beaver scout needs to find out from that relative about:

What it is like to live where they live

What kinds of games they play

What kind of songs/music or poems they have

What kind of food they eat

When it is 12 noon in Ireland what time is it where the other person lives

Are there beavers or scouts where the other person lives

What do beavers and scouts do in that country

On a map of the world, drawn by the beaver, mark where your relative lives. If you contact more than one relative, mark in all the locations.

Each beaver scout should ask their relative to send them something small from where they live and bring this in when you present your project.

Start on your project now. We will start to present the projects in April when each Friday we will present a number of projects. 

If you have any questions please contact any one of the leaders on the Beaver phone.

Printable version here

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