We would like to inform all parents that we are unable to take on any new Beavers this September, this also applies to siblings of existing members.

We have received great support from parents in the past and your willingness has always been very much appreciated.  However, in line with Child Protection Guidelines and the fact that we are obliged to adhere to a strict ratio of Leader:Beaver which is 1:8 (indoors) we now find ourselves in a situation where we have no choice but to address it with certain measures.

Keeping in mind that if we do not have sufficient Leaders we simply cannot operate the Beaver Section. We have therefore decided that if any parent is willing to join our Group and participate in at least one Beaver monthly meeting priority will be given to their child, regardless of the fact that they are/are not siblings or have/have not been on our Waiting List.

Please be aware that in order for any person to join our Group they will need to be Garda vetted prior to participating and also agree to undertake a Child Protection Course (half day) run by Scouting Ireland.

Group AGM - Parish Centre - Tues 17th Sept @ 8.30pm

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